S5 showroom is the expression of 5 elements:
Research, Style, Creativity, Quality, Customer service..

Created in 2015 by Paolo Magli and Giorgio Lentini - two former managers with a long experience in the fashion industry.

The mission of S5 showroom is to bring contemporary Italian and European brands to the international market; we personally work with each collection to identify the right outlet for each brand in the foreign market.

We offer internal representation, consulting, guidance, marketing, public relations and media services, recognizing that each brand is unique and requires a personalized strategy that fits their needs.

We deliver bespoke marketing plans that highlight the unique qualities of any brand, ultimately differentiating them from the rest of the market. We work to maintain the brand's DNA and identity while maintaining relevance in the retail landscape.

Our Staff is made up of people, all highly specialized in their specific areas (Commercial, Communication, Marketing).
A Press Office dedicated to Social Media and PR is also on the staff.