Hilda Maha

The Italian based high-end label Hilda Maha was launched by Central St Martin’s graduated Hilda Maha, having had strong requests from international boutiques after graduation and winning international com- petitions, Mittelmoda and ITS (International Talent Support), as well as being selected for a collaboration with an important Italian Print factory presenting several personal collections with them at Premiere Vision Paris in February and September for their top clients and some of the most famous designer houses from all over the world.
The brand has been often invited as guest of honour all over the world in some of the most prestigious fashion events and international fairs such as:
Dubai Fashion Week, New York Fashion week, Pure London, Tranoi Paris Fashion Week and many others.
Brought up in Italy but with Albanian origins Hilda Maha moved to London to pursue the desire to design then moving back to Italy where the collections are entirely handmade. Print designs are all created by Hilda and all materials used are the very best luxurious sourced mainly in Italy then in the UK and France, with careful attention to details.The line fuses sharp tailoring with romantic fluidity, to highlighting the beauty of the female body.
The brand’s signature is it’s bold use of colour and the exclusive and experimental 3D prints that never fail to impress, bringing about a playful edgy twist and contemporary point of view that is at the same time timeless.
Hilda’s mixed background of Albania, Italy and UK is at the core of her inspiration and there is always a reference to the very rich Albanian folk costume tradition and old family photography from her aristocratic family history that goes back documented to 1280.
La donna Hilda Maha non ha paura di correre rischi e possiede sia stile che sostanza, facendone forza e abbracciando tutto ciò che essere donna comporta per potenziarla.

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