In or Near

The Ultimate Transformable Collection of In Or Near is integrating various architectural elements and minimalistic shapes with black and white colors creating a 3D volume effect and changing your daily look instantly. 

The made in Italy collection is unique and has its debut entrance on the international fashion market, you are the first one to buy it!  

 Inspired by modern futuristic architecture and contemporary art. 

Elegance breaks its rules by shifting into modern new classics - being transformable and innovative. 

 It speaks for sustainability - you buy one shirt and combine it with different accessories to achieve new looks in an instance. 

Become your own stylist by combining accessories of your choice and creating a one-of-a-kind outfit. Turn your business shirt into an evening gown! 

Travel light - Hand Luggage with many outfits is now possible! 

Simply enjoy the quality and style in one!

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